Who is Ammachi?

Ammachi is regarded by many to be an incarnation of the Divine Mother and is often referred to as the 'hugging saint". She has spent most of the past 25 years hugging anyone who approaches her. Often she will sit dispensing her love and her hugs for 8, 10, 12 hours and more without a break of any kind. In India, where she is quite well known, it is not uncommon for her to hug 10 to 20 thousand people in a single session. The fact that she does this most of the days of every week of every year, at first evades our notice. But when we try to imagine the amount of love and patience one would need to accomplish such a feet of compassion, we begin to be struck by the magnitude of it. No ordinary human being would have the inclination to spend their lives hugging, giving solace and encouragement, and wiping away tears. We have to ask ourselves why someone would do this. Ammachi asks nothing in return. No collection plate is passed. There is nothing to join or pledge allegiance to. There are no strings attached. She is simply a fountain - a river - that flows with unimaginable love and is available to anyone who wants to put in their cup and drink.

Ammachi encourages all major religions. She says that all religions are paths to God. Regardless of one's faith, be it Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, she will help in the fulfillment of that. She encourages practitioners of other faiths to remain where they are and work within those paths. Amma states that direct knowledge of the Self as the pure luminous all-pervading non-dual Reality is the goal and, that for most people, the path of love and devotion is the way to it.

The OKC Amma Satsang is a group of people living in the greater Oklahoma City metro area who meet on various occasions for the purpose of supporting one another in the practice of spirituality as prescribed by Ammachi. If the reader of this website is intrigued by Amma, we would encourage you to go to the Ammachi bookstore at www.ammachi.org and purchase a copy of Amma's biography